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Please visit our Kickstater campaign, the funds go towards finishing this website and activating the app for (android & the iPhone)!

How it works:

You create an account on the free Tip the cook app.

Restaurant staff that participates, they create an account on the free tip the cook app. they create an account that can only be created by active employed personnel. this information will be verified.

Once you're in the location, your app will show you the active cooks that are logged in and currently working (your app will show the restaurant logo). then from your tip the cook account you can transfer any amount to their account.

we confirm the staff member for the day, place and name, to insure the security of the transaction. we then transfer the funds. You can also leave a personal note to the staff member. note can only be seen by the account sent to.

A 0.35¢ fee for tips under $5 , 0.50¢ fee $5.01-$10,  tips over $10.01 there will be a 10% transaction fee deducted from the tip. those are the only service fees per transaction. we then send you an email confirmation. if we are unable to send your tip, we then transfer it back to you in full!

Also other members of the kitchen staff will be able to create accounts and be seen on the APP. such as busgirl,busboy, dishwashers etc (employment status will be verified).

The funds from this kickstarter account will help pay for the last app programming fees, to insure proper development to avoid crashes and adaptability to many different devices(Apple OS & Android). funds will also be used for advertising and to finish the website app interface, that will allow the tip the cook app members to have an all around community experience.

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